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An extremely large counter/sideboard composed from a solid oak frame construction with a bank of 20 oak drawers. 


This cabinet makes for an ideal addition to a kitchen as the height of this counter is similar to a usual kitchen surface hight while also adding both design and vast surface space.   The wrap-around countertop is deeper in colour than that of the front of the drawers creating a very simplistic and minimalistic design while the solid brass cupped handles bring the counter back to its original industrial vintage / antique roots.  

This large sideboard houses 20 uniform well-proportioned drawers all being ideal in size for a variety of uses throughout the home.  There are a few faded black marks to the top surface of this counter along with the countertop not being perfectly flat, reflecting the age of this piece while displaying the constate use that this cabinet would have seen over the years - something that would take generations for a newly produced item to obtain. 


The framework of this counter is an extremely well-constructed which has truly withstood the test of time and constant use, with this counter dating from around the 1920's.  A rare and spectacular artifact full of history and character which would make a spectacular addition to any room pairing itself particularly well to being used in the kitchen due to the size and its great storage ability.  


Height - 91cm     

Width - 244cm

Depth - 60cm






Large Multiple Bank Of Drawer Kitchen Counter

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