the future should have a consideration to its longevity and quality as well as its style.


At Pappilon we pride ourselves on seeking out items for the home by selecting unique pieces of furniture and furnishings not simply as a ready-made 'style' but where each individual item has something to say for itself, much like the individuals who buy from us.   


Home's aren't just cold empty spaces filled up with furniture and furnishings, but rather spaces which reflect the individuals within it.  When we choose individual items which reflect our personal taste, we feel 'at home'.  


We source pre-loved and sometimes tired pieces of furniture and items from many locations around the UK. We lovingly restore each piece and sympathetically bring it back to life either by injecting it into the 21st century or restoring it back to its original state.  


We hope to provide some interesting and exceptional items for you to choose from.  Pappilon specialises in unique, unusual furniture and furnishings which hopefully will capture a little bit of 'you' to display to those that know you best 



Pappilon was founded as a Mother and Daughter collaboration of ideas spanning 'some' decades of new and old.  Both having a fascination with interiors and art we like to think we have a unique style and taste where we select individual pieces for their own stand-alone worth and value and like family, it is a growing family of ideas that makes us love what we do. 


The philosophy we both share is 'Things of quality have no fear of time'.  Antiques which have withstood the test of time relate to a quality found in craftsmanship most often lost in today's modern age.

This doesn't simply mean we stick with the old but the ethos of what we stand for is that even antiques for 

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