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A very honest and rare possibly William and Mary chest of drawers.  This chest of drawers features many structural and aesthetic similarities as that of  William and Mary furniture, being that of the same proportions as your typical William and Mary chest of drawers, of being rather high and thin due to the recent breakthrough of dovetails enabling the use of smaller and thinner pieces of wood.  

This chest of drawers features the noticeable large bun feet as well as having the same style of handles as modeled on other William and Mary furniture.  However, being made from solid elm rather than the more the more typical wood choices of walnut, this seems to break away from what we would know as a 'true' William and Mary antique.    

This unique piece of furniture features exterior through-dovetails which are not typical of the standard William and Mary design yet is wonderfully original and I have never seen another quite like it.    

Not your typical fine piece of William and mary antique furniture but instead oozes character and design,  that being more in keeping with styles set in today's current market.  An extraordinarily rare find, either based on the same design as that of William and Mary furniture or has a tad more history that we don't understand just yet.       


Height    -  98cm 

Width     -  91cm 

Depth     -  48cm 





William & Mary Style Chest of Drawers

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