A unique 19th Century highly decorative polychrome hand-carved Indian wooden toy-like mobile. The mobile features a central hand-carved figure painted in vibrant pastel colours.  

On either side of the figure are two oblong two-tone circular blocks connected by a thick curved wire. These block either side are there to both help balance and support the detachable framework as well as maintain a rocking movement when desired within a full 360 degree turning motion - both the top and base are separate.   


The figure is raised upon a carved turned wooden column with a circular base, finished with decorative repetitive paintwork throughout again in the same medium as the paintwork on the figurine. 


Width 28cm 

Height 51cm 

A Decorative 19th Century Hand Painted Polychrome Ornament Mobile

  • In an attitude to being fair traders, Pappilon will accept returns on the bases that the buyer will return the item in the condition it was received on the understanding that this will be at the buyer's expense.

Herriard, Hampshire, UK

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