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An extraordinary petrified wood low table. Raised on elongated elegant tulip turned legs, with the base dating from the late 19th - early 20th century. Displaying a circular petrified wood top, probably sourced from Madagascar and dating from the Triassic period.  

Petrified wood is fossilised wood, a historic process that began millions of years ago when prehistoric trees were buried by sediment and protected in an oxygen low environment. Water-rich minerals passed through the sediment, replacing the original plant with silica, calcite, pyrite and other materials like opal. This is an incredibly slow process called permineralization. This process lasts for millions of years, during which the organic remains are replaced by minerals and then replaced with stone. 





A Circular Petrified Wood Low - Coffee Table

  • Height - 37 cm

    Width - 67 cm

    Depth - 67 cm

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