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A superb set of twelve early 20th-century watercolour paintings from W.&J. Sloane - New York. Of various sizes, depicting pieces from Sheraton, Chippendale, and Louis XVI revival. 

W.&J. Sloane, was founded in 1843 in New York by Scottish emigre William Sloane. W.&J. Sloane became the first company to import oriental carpets into the United States. It soon expanded to include furniture and other home furnishings and soon became America’s foremost furnishing retailers with a reputation for quality and trendsetting design. W.&J. Sloane catered to the prominent during this period, including The White House. During the late 19th century, the company added an antique department, which specialised in producing furniture, and became the first home furnishings store in the country. It billed itself as "W. & J. Sloane Interior Decorators and Home Furnishers".  


Largest 32 x 25cm 

Smallest 17 x 15cm





Twelve 20th Century Watercolour Paintings - Featuring W.&J. Sloane Furniture

  • Height - Ranging from 32 - 17 cm

    Width - Ranging from 25 - 15 cm

    Depth - Approx 2 cm

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