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A pair of Woodard spun fibreglass chairs, Designed by Russell Woodard, one of the third generation members or Woodard furniture. These examples date from circa 1960 - a truly iconic mid-century design. Raised on hourglass-shaped bases, the pair demonstrate a geometric pattern design, displaying their original untouched factory paint. with custom-made circular felt seat cushions.  


History: Woodard furniture was founded during the late 19th century by Lyman E. Woodward. He and his three brothers create Woodard Brothers, a company that specialised in the manufacture of wood furniture, window and door sashes, blinds and pine-box caskets. Over the years, the manner of Woodard furniture evolved, but it wasn't until the mid-early 20th century when Woodard and Sons was established that the brand became nationally and then internationally recognised.  

Russell Woodard was part of the third-generation member of the Woodard furniture brand along with his brothers; Joseph and Lyman II. Russell Woodward was an American designer closely associated with the Mid-Century Modern movement. During the 1930s Russell Woodard and his brothers began to develop the first line of hand-crafted wrought iron furniture and evolved over the years.  





A Pair Of mid-20th Century Russell Woodard Wicker Effect Side Chairs

  • Height - 87 cm

    Width - 53 cm

    Depth - 60 cm

    Seat Height - 44 cm

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