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Presenting a substantial Crystal Celestite and Quartz Cluster fluorite specimen is a testament to the enchanting beauty of natural rock formations. Spanning an impressive 46cm in width, this cluster captivates with its intricate arrangement of crystal formations.

The Crystal Quartz, with its clear and transparent nature, takes center stage, forming an exquisite cluster that showcases the inherent elegance of these minerals. The fluorite crystals, with their distinctive hues, complement and enhance the visual spectacle, adding a delightful splash of color to the overall composition.

As a natural rock formation, this specimen is a testament to the Earth's geological artistry, capturing the essence of time and the fascinating processes that shape these crystalline wonders. Whether admired for its scientific significance or cherished for its aesthetic appeal, this large Crystal Quartz Cluster fluorite specimen is a captivating addition to the world of natural wonders, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the Earth's geological diversity.




A Large Needle Quartz Crystal Cluster Geological Specimen

  • Height - 14cm 

    Width - 46cm 

    Depth - 26cm 

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