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A charming near pair of 18th-century Chinese export Immortals. Standing on rectangular bases, modelled in porcelain. The pair features a Harlequin pattern design to their robes, decorated in opaque enamels. 


Specifically depicting Lü Dongbin often considered the leader of the eight immortals. He is an actual historical figure—a scholar and poet living during the Tang Dynasty. He is regarded as a patron deity for highly literate people; some also see him as a champion of the medical profession. He is represented with a sword on his back and a fly brush in his hand.


The Eight Immortals of Chinese Taoism symbolise longevity and prosperity. While some of the Immortals are believed to have been historical figures, others existed only in legend. The eight immortals were regarded as individual beings who had transcended the human state to become endowed with divine and supernatural attributes or powers. Each immortal was attributed to a power that represents to give life or help their fight against evil. The Eight Immortals gain popularity during the 1300s and venerated by Taoists. The Immortals are thought to live in the Isles of the Blest as described in Taoist Mythology.





A Charming Near Pair Of 18th Century Chinese Export Immortals - Harlequin

  • Height - 23 cm

    Width - 7 cm

    Depth - 5 cm

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