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An exceptionally large antique 19th century Rococo Revival mirror featuring its original subtle paintwork which over the years has faded and worn leaving a delicate design with hints of red, light green and gilt on top of a chalk white painted base. In places, the paintwork has faded exposing the pale wood underneath.


Antique of such vase size of its time would have often be grounded with either a bright splash of colour such as gilding, alternatively it would be heavily decorated with the use of carving or very often both.

This mirror demonstrates superb hand carved intricate detailing of s and c scrolls among acanthus leaves and floral decoration across the surface of the mirror frame.


The carving featured on this mirror has a great sense of depth showing its true rococo design. Rococo furniture was typically known for its style being highly theatrical, and designed to impress and awe at first sight - this is mirrored in the elaborate and tantalising carvings throughout, adding a vast sense of dimension while drawing the mirror into the room rather than the mirror just becoming a feature on on the wall.


This mirror is unusually large and would have most probably been featured in a grand house above a fireplace, something that could again be replicated if one was to have such a space or could instead just simply be mounted to the wall in any such desired room.


The mirror glass is original with signs of foxing and wear to the silvered back. I believe that the backboard of this mirror to have at some point been replaced, this doesn’t at all affect the true beauty as it is unseen when in situ.






A Exceptional 19th Century French Painted Rococo Overmantel Wall Mirror

  • Height - 134 cm

    Width - 290 cm

    Depth - Approx 13 cm

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