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A rare and unique carved model figurine of a horse featuring its original paintwork raised on a wheeled base pulling an associated painted in the same medium flatbed frame cart.


Dating from the 19th century, being a part of folk art, meaning it was most likely hand carved and painted by an indigenous culture. This example probably originates from Germany and would come under the title of being a 'German horse pull-toy'. A very sweet decorative display piece.In good condition with the original paintwork, over the years the paintwork has faded in places and has softened in colour, making the horse and cart less vibrant.


Some of the leather composing the harness is tired due to age, this example isn't in perfect condition but is full of character and charm. Please see photos to get a better overview of this.


Height 28cm

Width 40cm

Depth 11cm





19th Century Folk Hand Painted Pull Horse

  • Height - 28 cm

    Width - 40 cm

    Depth - 11 cm

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